Offering reasonable options and proactively tracking every shipment door-to-door to insure that your shipment arrives to your customer safely, securely and on time


Asalia Cargo & Shipping Limited provides road transport services to any destinations within Kenya or to/from the neighbouring countries including but not limited to Tanzania, Uganda, South-Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi.
Our fleet of well serviced and maintained vehicles allows for shipments of any quantity, size or volume on FTL and LTL basis. Asalia Cargo & Shipping Limited is a preferred logistics resource for truck shipments region wide. We manage shipments professionally, pro-actively and deliver on time.

Our product range includes:

» Imports Drop off

» Exports

» Imports+ repositioning

» Other scalable Choices

» Our Road freight products can also be scaled to allow for extra handling care for your special cargo and specific needs, including:

Transport Insurance

We can provide transport insurance for your shipments on official request, and in such case we act as agents only in securing the insurance cover.

Hazardous Cargo Transportation

We provide overland transportation of dangerous / hazardous cargo in 20 foot and 40 foot containers. Dangerous goods are all loads, which under certain circumstances of transportation or storage may harm the environment, people and/or property; may cause explosion and/or fire, damage to vehicles, buildings and/or constructions, as well as cause death, injury, poisoning, burns or diseases to people, animals and/or birds.

High-Value Cargo Transportation

We can arrange for armed escort of your very valuable shipments from the port of discharge to any inland destinations.

OOG (out of gauge) Transportation

Shipment and overland transportation of Over-sized and/or Abnormal cargo is a laborious process. Oversized or unusual cargo is a load outside the standards of transportation for the maritime container. Each of these goods requires a specific and professional approach. Such goods always require special engineering, i.e. technical and logistics solutions, to select the optimal route for transporting, loading and off-loading. We process and obtain the necessary special approvals from the relevant authorities for the transportation of such cargo, and undertake the evaluation and selection of specialty vehicles and equipment for the transportation and handling of the cargo.

Our logistics service includes inland transportation at both origin and destination countries, To make the most of control our team is positioned close to markets and sources of supply.

We have well reputable associations with the most skilled names in the business. This affords us the greatest flexibility and enables ‘just in time’ delivery.

Asalia Cargo & Shipping Limited has developed know-how in inland transportation from various countries to the ports. We make use of competent expertise to supervise and achieve this task successfully.

Asalia Cargo & Shipping Limited has been one of the most successful independent ships agency and holistic end-to-end logistics services provider.



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